Have you ever wondered what the purpose of exams is?

The answer which you already know is to simply test your knowledge academically.
And that is why perhaps the exams are necessary, Just like exams, what about the knowledge,skills,interests and hobbies on which you have been working so hard? What about them?

You probably also want to test them out too. And hence, for this purpose, events/competitions are held. It gives you a chance to showcase your knowledge or to test your abilities and work harder on your interests.

Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash

Participating in such competitions/events not only helps you to test your abilities but also rewards you with a winning prize. It offers a lot more than that. They play a vital role in motivating and encouraging you to perform and excel in the area of your expertise.

Individuals benefit from such competitions/events in a variety of ways. They are as follows:-

1. Showcase the skills: Competitions are a perfect place to display skills and test the knowledge for which you have worked so hard for years. They are also the perfect opportunity to evaluate your skills and help you in nurturing them.

2. Considerable experience gain: Most of us do not have the opportunity to participate in brainstorming sessions or rapid problem-solving sequences in our normal daily routine. Such competitions are one of the few opportunities in one’s life that exposes them to the competitive nature of real life in such a short period of time.

3. Contributes to your resume: Participating and winning in events/competitions also adds color to your resume, it reflects not just your achievement but is also proof of your abilities and distinguishes you from the crowd.

4. Helps in Socialising: Competitions are a great way to meet new people and build connections especially in the field of your interest. Meeting new people and having conversations with them helps you to gain more insights and learn more about the diversity in your field.

To conclude, competitions/events offer us a lot more than just winning prizes. They are not just a platform to display our abilities but are also a place where we can improve and hone our skills. They are also a great source of motivation and encourage us to work on our skills.



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