Many of us might have already noticed the changes we are going through from our younger self to this current person. And these changes are not just physical but psychological as well. We are not the same person, what we used to be in our childhood/teen years.

Aging is a natural process and we all go through it. With an aging lot of other changes start too. Our body starts to reflect the changes as we grow older while our brain develops and resonates as well.

The changes which occur inside our mind/brain are the psychological/neural changes, and out of those psychological changes, one which is quite significant is probably the change in our interests.

Change in interests is expected to happen as we age when we experience new things in our lives and become more sophisticated than we used to be. These changes in interests are a mixture of a lot of other things as well. Things like trends, the environment, and even our careers tend to change our interests.

We are not the same kid anymore who used to get fascinated by simple objects whose mechanisms were too hard for us to understand.

Once we grow older, we get to know about these complicated kinds of stuff, and slowly little by little our interests in those objects/things start to decrease and we find new and other things to wonder about. This is common in almost every one of us.

Interests are a reflection of what we are like, and it clearly resonates with our personality. And as we get older just like everything our personality changes and hence the interests too.

There is a popular saying, “Once you hit a certain age you lose interest in a lot of things” but this shouldn’t bother us, as it is a part of life and gives us something to look forward to as we get older, and find out who we will become.

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