For thousands of years, we humans have been living in communities and it is central to our experience,

Being in a community gives us a sense of trust and togetherness, it gives us reliability and helps in each other and our environment’s growth.

The community has variable meanings, it refers to ethnic groups, social groups like your society, a school/college club, or online communities that matter, it is basically a group of people that have something in common, it has its boundaries and needs to meet those boundaries.

When a person is a part of a healthy community they have a sense of pride, joy, and spirit, the people within the community matter to one another with a shared faith through their sense of belongingness and harmony.

Being a part of a group might make us feel like we’re part of something bigger than ourselves and that we can achieve what we can’t otherwise, being in a community instills us with unique opportunities and a support system

Benefits of being part of an engaging community There are so many positive aspects to being part of a group or community. Providing unique opportunities for people to learn from each other and give support and encouragement are an invaluable part of joining forces with our peers:


Find your purpose -

What is the need of starting a community, what purpose does your community have, what gap will your community fill? you will need a strong sense of purpose and direction in your work.

Focus on your purpose — Do not deviate from the purpose your community has, find new people, and expand your community, make the purpose the central theme of your community

prepare for the adverse conditions -

All projects have risks, identifying your risks your team is ready to handle any problems that are arising

Plan ahead — have you sort of approached insurance corporation look for a partnership with them

Look for permits — talk to local community counsel

These can often be done online

get the word out — There are a lot of options to tell people about your projects Consider which will work best for your audience and idea

Improving your project — how can improve and keep going with your project

Consider team will need project management, marketing, or promotion All maybe links specific to your project

Like art or other skills

Empower your members — empower your members by giving them responsibility, make them feel important, carry out interactive sessions on a regular basis.

Community is where your people feel at home, they feel a sense of belonging and, a feeling that members matter to one another and to the group, and a shared faith that members’ needs will be met through their commitment to being together.”

If you are wondering, what is the role of community in shaping you, you can this blog of ours.



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